On-Campus Jobs

Due to the COVID-19 closure, on-campus jobs are temporarily unavailable. If you have questions, please email us: careers.caps@mcgill.ca

One of the most common questions asked at CaPS is: “How do I find a part-time on-campus job?” Like any job search, finding an on-campus job takes hard work and dedication, especially considering the majority of on-campus jobs at McGill are never posted anywhere.   Below are a collection of the best places to look in order to find the job you want!

Best ways to locate jobs

Consult myFuture

CaPS’ job listing portal often posts a number of on-campus jobs. Keep in mind that because these jobs are publicly posted, a great number of people apply for them. Therefore, you should apply early and submit a very strong application.  To see on-campus jobs:

  1. Expand the “Jobs” tab and select “Search”.
  2. In the Keywords box, type “on-campus”. Click the button “Search” to see a list of jobs.
  3. Note: Students need to identify “McGill” in the location field for jobs within the McGill campuses.

Determine if you are eligible for the McGill Work Study Program: The McGill Work Study Program provides students demonstrating financial need access to clerical, research, technical and library jobs on campus. Only students accepted to the Program can apply for Work Study jobs so your chances of success are much greater. To see if you are eligible, please visit: https://www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/work-study

Consider being a Teaching Assistant (TA): While the majority of TAships are reserved for graduate students, some departments will hire undergraduates in certain circumstances. Your chances are better if you already have a degree or if you are a solid A student. Ask your target department for further information and consult myFuture (https://mcgill.ca/x/Zgc) for TA opportunities.

Contact the Academic Personnel Office (APO): McGill has designated HR professionals (known as APOs) responsible for hiring in each Faculty. You may wish to contact these individuals to inquire whether they are hiring students as support staff for the upcoming year. For a list of APOs, please visit: http://www.mcgill.ca/apo/who-we-are

Network, network, network: By far, the students most successful in finding an on-campus job are those who network. Why? Because they hear about and secure a job even before it is publicly posted. Approach professors and managers and ask them if they will be hiring any students for the upcoming year. If you are looking for a research position, you may wish to consult CaPS’ Research Opportunities Database (a listing of McGill professors who tend to hire students): https://mcgillcaps.ca/work/research-opp/. Alternatively, consult the list of departments and offices below that tend to hire students on a regular basis.

McGill departments that hire students

Athletics: McGill Athletics requires students to referee and supervise sports facilities throughout the school year. For more information, visit Client Services at the Currie Gym (475 Pine Ave. West). For a list of key contacts and job boards, visit Athletics for current postings.  For a list of key contacts, visit Jobs and Contact in Athletics

Cafeterias: BMH, RVC, New Rez and Douglas Hall require cafeteria workers to help serve and prepare meals. The job offers free meals and good pay. Ask any manager of the food facilities for available positions.  For a list of dining halls and their locations: https://www.mcgill.ca/shhs/job-opportunities

Campus Life & Engagement: CL&E hires students to work in Student Services.  Various coordinating assistant positions in the summer and throughout academic year.  For more information: http://www.mcgill.ca/cle/team/jobs

Alumni Phonathon: McGill Alumni hires students throughout the year to solicit donors. Most hiring takes place in August/September and January. For more information and to apply, email phonathon.dev@mcgill.ca or call 514-398-7699

SSMU: SSMU is always looking to employ students. While most hiring takes place in April and May for the following school year, you can check for any current postings at https://ssmu.ca/about-us/jobs/ -> Current Job Opportunities

SSMU: SSMU is always looking to employ students. While most hiring takes place in April and May for the following school year, you can check for any current postings at https://ssmu.ca/about-us/jobs/ -> Current Job opportunities

SSMU Marketplace: SSMU Marketplace has classified ads and job listings https://ssmu.ca/resources/marketplace/

Student Housing: If you loved your rez experience, consider joining the Residence Life Team – Floor Fellows, Residence Facilitators, and Residence Life Managers.  To learn more about each role, visit https://mcgill.ca/students/housing/life -> Residence Staff.

McGill Bookstore: The Bookstore hires armies of students in early September and early January as cashiers for the textbook rush.  Apply in person and make sure to do a follow-up with hiring managers. https://lejames.ca/find-us

Tutorial Service: If you are good at a particular subject and have obtained a grade of 80% or more in the course(s) you wish to tutor, consider to apply to be a tutor. https://www.mcgill.ca/tutoring/apply

Enrollment Services: Enrolment Services hires students for examination periods to ensure the smooth running of exams.  To become an invigilator: https://www.mcgill.ca/exams/invigilation

Macdonald Campus Farm: If you want to work on Mac campus, or love working on farmland, harvesting crops or picking fruit, contact the Mac farm and the Horticulture Research Centre for opportunities:  https://www.mcgill.ca/macdonaldfarm/field-operations

McGill Jobs and Internships Facebook: This group posts opportunities including both on-campus jobs and off-campus internships and student jobs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/188599111259663/